Imagine the POSSIBILITIES…Panasphere inspired images on Pinterest


Come visit Panaspheres’ Pinterest design website and Imagine the POSSIBILITIES. We have gathered together a collection of inspired imagery to give you a taste of what your future could look like. Using our designer panels and mixing a bit of your creativity, you can create beautiful spaces that are uniquely your own.

Our Designer Boards include:

Concrete Surfaces
– Simple, Rugged, Clean looks. Perfect ideas for loft or trendy office spaces.

Contemporary Design Ideas
– Ideas that inspire us. Creativity and imagination juxtaposed to create beautiful spaces.

Commercial Spaces: Retail, Office, Hotel
– Work and Fun blended with a mix of style. These spaces inspire us at work and at play.

Hospitality: Schools, Hospitals
– Large spaces for gathering and sharing ideas. These are the institutions that we all visit on a regular basis…with an added touch of design.

Designer Kitchens
– Everyone loves kitchens. Our kitchen ideas will make you hungry!!!

– The right piece of furniture can make a room stand out.

Modern Closets
– A stylish place to put your things.